Zen and The Art of Flowering November 16 2015

Here's the thing~ the flower shop you grew up with, or the idea you have in your mind of a flower shop? It most likely doesn't exist anymore.

Huge florists with giant walk in coolers full of pre-made arrangements and propped up, dyed, spray painted flowers sitting in bleach, yeah, that doesn't work so well.

(And we have never participated in any of that. We are self proclaimed and proud flower snobs.) 

The biggest florist chain went bankrupt a few years ago. You can get grocery store flowers or farmer's market flowers (very rarely from a farm) or corporate on-line flowers, where if you think it will look like the picture~ you are sadly mistaken.

If you are not in the floral industry then you probably don't know about the huge changes in the last 20 years and even more so, in the last 10. Why would you? Not your job!

But it is our job. And we love our job. And we are good at it.

What we're doing here at fleur santa monica is something different. We are proud of what we do and your expectation of an old business model needs to be left at the door, please.

We are pioneers and happy participants in a floral revolution!

We are not a flower shop.

Let that sink in.

We are not a flower shop.

We are not a flower store or a flower market of any kind. That's a separate business, you understand. Like the difference between a grocery store and a restaurant. You don't go to the restaurant and demand a carton of milk, a loaf bread and a hunk of cheese! (At least, we hope you don't...) NO indeed, you order an artisan grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of organic milk, and hopefully, you enjoy the heck out of the fine ingredients being sourced and prepared for you by a professional chef.

We are a custom floral design studio and boutique. We fill our 'pantry' and fridges with fresh, locally grown, incredible floral product. From field to vase. Sustainable. Conscious. Each order made to order with the best product we can source. We buy fresh flowers everyday. We do not sell flowers by the stem or the bunch, but by the professionally arranged bouquet using only the finest florals available each day.

We work by color palette and price range and we are very good at what we do.

If you want to do it yourself, or have a specific vision, then by all means, please do!!!

But then, leave us out of it, please. And thank you!

We don't offer pictures of our arrangements, other than for inspiration and a general sense of our style, for a myriad of reasons from:

it being a completely separate skill and service to take pics of florals

to not having the time to download and send pictures back and forth all day

and we DO NOT know any other designers sending out pictures. Not a single one.

We understand that our vision and taste may be different from yours and you know what? That is more than okay.

If what we are offering is not what you want~ that is okay too.

Go out and find what it is you want! We want you to get what you want!

But we can't help you other than giving you our sincerest best wishes in finding it!

On the other hand, if you let us do what we do~ we will create something wonderful and unique to your occasion or recipient using only the most premium product in lovely containers!

And we do our best work for EVERY order, regardless of price point or recipient. Whether it's a pick me up for your elderly granny, your moviestar wife's birthday, or your friend whose dog just passed away. EVERYONE gets our equal and best work without exception.

We understand that your reason for flowers is important to you and it's important to us too. We are honored to get to participate in all of it.

Thanks for understanding what we're doing and being such an amazing inspiration for doing it to the best of our abilities everyday.


All of Us


santa monica