Beauty in Action January 20 2017

We will be closed on Saturday, January 21st.

We debated posting as to why we will be closed as it is personal, but we've never adhered to the "it's not personal, it's just business" idiom.

In fact...can't think of anything more personal than what we do all day, every day, pour our hearts and souls into, blood, sweat equity and tears.

And that is particularly true for this business.

The great honor of having a floral business is getting to participate in the important moments of our customers' lives. Everyday we get to participate in celebrating birth and death, anniversary and marriage, getting a driver's license, starring in play, saying you are sorry, forgiveness and every expression of LOVE imaginable.

Beauty is as beauty does.

So, tomorrow we close to take action in a beautiful way. Tomorrow we march.

We march for our daughters to never have to settle for being represented by this man in the highest office in this county,  not in the office we visit or may work in, not anywhere. 

We march for our mothers to receive the respect and care they deserve in the later part of their lives.

We march for ourselves to declare our incredible value, our worth and our rights as people and as the creators of life and love.

We march to plant seeds of peace and prosperity~ one nation, united with liberty and justice for all.

We hold these truths to be self evident.

We plan to bloom in the pursuit of Happiness~ creating a wildflower garden of Freedom, Equality, Life,  & Liberty.

The shop will re-open on Monday.