In delight & defense of daily florals March 15 2019

We are a floral design studio and boutique that offers a myriad of floral services, including daily delivery. There's not a lot of us left!

It's a difficult business model combining logistics in Los Angeles with a perishable and not easily deliverable product. And that not taking in consideration the art part. So we want to say~

to our flower friends and amazing customers:



We are balancing it all, all OF the time. As, we are sure, you are too.

Personal and professional lives. Art and commerce. Daily deliveries and events. In home florals and photoshoots. 

We still haven't quite figured out how to be in two places at the same time. But we're working on it.

So we'll be here flowering as much as we can & in between...we send you much gratitude for your patience and understanding.

We will be closed March 16-19.

And have some shorter hours between the 20-29.

So here's to a happy end of March!

all our love and gratitude,